Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 7


Louis Sauzedde, our favorite master shipwright, promises that the strongback he built for the TotalBoat Sport Dory can support not only his weight, but also the weight of the 3 layers of plywood he is cutting for the dory’s false bottom. Lou mixes in a great tip on how to make a perfect scarf for the pieces of wood he is joining together. As with most things Lou shows us, he makes it look easy and is a great inspiration for motivated followers who might like to build their own dory at home.

Using another batten to trace the pieces out, Lou creates this false bottom which will be bonded together using TotalBoat’s 5:1 Traditional Epoxy. But first he has to create these three identical plywood bottoms and scarf pieces together. Tune in and watch Louis work his magic on the TotalBoat Sport Dory.


17 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 7

  1. Just watching him tie that bow/belt. Ideally the bow should resemble a square knot and not a granny knot. C’mon Lou.

    1. Just wait
      Lou told everyone he is laminating the base
      Laminating a bottom needs a rock steady base to get best results
      Movement of the base will result in a mess

  2. Your helper, Joe, seems to be always holding something for you as you do the sawing, drilling or whatever. Do you give him a chance to do the operation while you hold for him so he can learn to handle the tools?
    I built my first boat, Coquina, a few years ago and I sure wish I had seen your videos before I started.

  3. One question. Since the false bottom is part of the mold, not the boat, why is necessary to scarf the joints in the 3/8 plywood? After the three layers are laminated, glued and presumably screwed and without much rocker, wouldn’t butt joints over a station work just as well?

  4. Love seeing the rope belt back I commented on it in the last season. Always remember my father wearing a rope belt in his shop. Never wanted a belt buckle that could mar the wood by accident

  5. I live in Borneo (East Malaysia)
    Only time I wish I was not here is when Lou tells us there is a talk show
    You all enjoy this great man not so many around anymore
    Maybe someone take a video
    Will be great I know
    Making scarfs for a reusable frame seams so right to me

  6. I noticed that the inner layer didn’t go all the way to the end, stopped about 6 inches from the end,,, did you run out of wood or did you do it for a reason?

  7. Once again.. Lou is a national treasure! and the production of the two series is unsurpassed! The Vela series could take a few lessons…

  8. Lou,
    With every episde my itch to retire early and get into builds and restoration grows. Am driving my wife nutts. Your wisdom has altered restoration planning for a Wright K boat. Then I move on to a canvas covered Penn Yan Car Top carrier bougt at age 17. Was planning retirement projects eary in life…
    Cant tell you how grateful I am for what you are teaching. Your episodes are pure gold & kuddos to TOTALBOAT, an awesome organization.
    Gotta scratch that itch!

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