Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 6 – Q&A with Louis

Here we are at Episode 6 of the Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory series and already people have long lists of questions for Lou. There were lots of comments and questions about the lofting, a complicated process even for those who do it often, and certainly complex for those seeing or hearing it for the first time. People are still even asking questions about the TotalBoat Work Skiff so we thought it was a good time, with the Dory stations built and ready for planking, to pause and answer your questions.

Please continue to leave questions for Lou, as he reads them all and as he will explain, your comments and questions really inspire him. And please share with your friends on social media. Enjoy Episode 6, Lou touches on lots of great points and we know you will enjoy his straightforward answers.

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8 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 6 – Q&A with Louis

  1. thank you Lou for the great series and info. If you are interested, I have a complete saw sharpening shop for hand saws, circular saws and band saws. Foley Filer, re-toother, other tools, all the ratchet bars, manuals, etc. My uncle bought them all and I am clearing out the shop. I would be happy to donate them to your shop if you would like them. Pick up in Ct and they are yours. If interested I can provide more details, pics, etc. Keep up the great work. Larry

  2. HI LOU:

    Never built a boat but your video is fascinating. I’ve always have been impressed with craftsmen and their talents.

    1. Will this become a full length “NETFLIX” video ? 2. Will it include “important people” like the Kardashians ??
    3. In your wardrobe do you use a “reef knot” or a “cinch knot” on that line “belt” ? 4. Do they make you use “makeup” for the filming ?

    OK, back to reality:
    Will the transom be a single piece or made up of planks ?
    With all the angles involved can you explain how the planking can overlap but create a solid(closed) seam ? (scarfing method??)

    Thanks gain for a GREAT video !!!


    (3rd coast sailor-unsalted)

  3. I was part of a group that built two Night Tenders by Jay Benford. We had scrap plywood and drew the shape of the molds from the offsets, then cut them out and installed cleats to the edges. We stood them up on a strong back and adjusted them with battens. The boats came out very nicely.
    Any comments on our method of creating the molds?
    I can’t wait for Fridays, thanks a lot.

  4. Somebody earlier was asking about the nomenclature of boats and boat building. Walt Simmons has self published a book called “Pigeons and Gidgeons” about that very subject. The address is Duck Trap Press in Lincolnville Beach, Maine – that’s as much as I have.

    I have used sassafras in many of my boats as trim, thwarts, risers, transoms (etc.) but never planking. An acquaintance of mine once used it as planking but glued the laps (tsk tsk) and multiple splits ensued. Made a good “Garden Boat”.

    I would still like to get the corrected Table of Offsets. Will it be made available by itself?

    Lou – a cyber ‘high-five’ and a “Wicked Good Show” – thanks a lot.


  5. I don’t know if this is the place to ask, but here goes. Lou,during the installation of the bottom planking on the skiff you crowded the planking tight since it was quater sawn. I’m planking a 10′ flatiron rowboat with regular sawn 5/8″ white pine with a moisture content of about 15%. Should I croad the bottom planks tight or should I leave a little gap, since they will swell more than quater sawn? Thanks for any wisdom you can offer.

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