Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory – Episode 5

In episode 5 we can see that the Sport Dory is starting to take shape – as in, we can see the shape of the boat by the end! In this episode, Lou begins the assembly of his production Dory jig using the sections he created in the last episode. The molds each have two legs and are fastened to two strongbacks that keep all the sections properly aligned and spaced. The sections are first checked with a stiff baton to determine how close to bevel they are and if need be, where to touch them up with an electric planer. Lighter batons are then positioned at the planking lines and sighted for fairness of shape. The process is like 3D lofting of planking lines and hull shape and allows Lou to make any final adjustments that may be needed.

Next week will be a Question and Answer episode with Lou, so rest assured we have passed along your prior questions from this series, and we encourage you to ask more below. Lou will address as many of the viewer comments as he can get to, and we know you’ll love hearing his response to everyone’s inquiries. Ask away!


14 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory – Episode 5

  1. Lou,
    I’m delighted that the series is moving along so quickly. OK, you want questions, I have a million but will start with gains and rolling bevels. I’m building a lapstrake sailing skiff and have not been able to master the plane. Can you do a demo on how you plane rolling bevels and especially how you cut the gains.

  2. What makes a boat a “dory”. Out here in the West, we know dories as the highly rockered slab-sided boats used for whitewater row-boats or as fishing ‘drift boats’. Nothing about the sport dory your building resembles ours, except for the flat bottom.

  3. Lou, really loving the series as I did the previous work boat skiff. Question: Why not build the dory clinker style. Wouldn’t that be simpler or is this more a matter of tradition for dory construction to have flush planks?

  4. Hi Lou,
    Would you please inform us is who is Joe? He seems so quite. I don’t think you introduced him. What is his job? Doe he work at Jamestown distributors?
    Mark Stoll

  5. This feels like your building moulds for steam bent frames(?). Not understanding the need for the “false bottom”. Will you be picking up the transom lines from the model? What is the planking material?
    Your a national treasure!

  6. Lou, not sure how you determined the location of the top cross piece on the molds. This would be critical since they are attached to the strong back and align the molds properly. I’m loving the series.

  7. Sure enjoy watching you work. When drawing the plans, does building go easier if 3 or 4 planks are in the same radius from a arbitrary central point? Not sure of the significance of the radius you talked about. Thanks.

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