Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory – Episode 1

Calling all Louis Sauzedde super fans, boat builders, tinkerers, hobbyists, sailors, rowers, woodworkers and dreamers!  Season 2, Episode 1 of Louis Sauzedde’s new series, Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory, is here, to once again grace your inbox every Friday. This time though, the Tips from a Shipwright star of the TotalBoat Skiff build video series, is sourcing Atlantic White Cedar planks that will be built onto frames and bent into the most perfect little Dory that can be rowed or sailed or even accept a small motor one day.  We know you’re ready for more of Lou and his expert advice and clever tips and we can’t wait to hear to what you think about this latest series and episode 1.

As a fan would expect from Lou, he won’t be lofting big plans to work from; his simple drawing will guide him through the build and leave some of the magic of building a sweet little boat of his own design to his quick thinking.  Lou loves the chance to work with the materials and make changes or tweaks in the moment – so expect the unexpected, once again. It’s why we love Lou.

So, welcome back to Season 2. We hope the enthusiasm and banter in the comments will continue. We hope you’ll be inspired to start something new in your own workshop or finish something old. Share this series on your social media pages and let us know what projects you’re working on and what questions you may have for Lou. We forward them on to and delight in reading about what you think.


30 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory – Episode 1

  1. Wow
    Such a treat to watch again
    The first great episode of many I am sure
    The camera in the well idea so simple so good
    I could also smell the tree being cut with so much care

  2. Jeez! Lou has gone all Hollywood! Now he has a theme song and everything… Is that a 1948 Knucklehead?

    The Dory series is off to a good start; I like the drawing information, and I loved watching the massive white cedar log being cut.

    Can’t wait for the next one!

  3. What a pleasure to watch Lou and Will, two “seasoned” experts working together and trusting each other’s knowledge to produce the best result possible – a great start.

  4. Well done Lou. I love wooden boats and watching you work. Tell us a bit about your old motorcycle. I’m still riding my first cycle, a 1957 Matchless from London. Looking forward to the next show.


  5. Sounds a bit like Lou is building this boat on the fly. My kind of project. Don’t let the napkin you wrote the plans on get wet, Lou! Really looking forward to this – skiff project was marvelous.

  6. great opening – love your video guy’s masterful use of a drone – nice closeups and a great balance of big views and detail views. Which of course is also seen and heard in this whole video – big picture little picture, a described vision of the complete dory and a little tiny vision of a detail that is one step in the way.
    Nicely done from start to finish.
    PS – the audio is superb! Too many producers of work like this neglect the importance of a sound bed that is engaging to listen to!

  7. Awesome. I love the easy rider intro. I was smiling right off the bat. Suicide shifter????? Nice bike. Great drawing and great sawing.

    I’d like to get in touch. I have a Herreshoff 12 1/2 that needs attention and want to bring it down.

  8. welcome back lou, I’m not a boat builder just a average carpenter but i love your show great teacher i would watch you even if you were making ice cream mayby after watching you enough i might try to build a small boat someday who knows love your show keep up the good work and thank you

  9. I cannot wait to build this boat. Finding that kind of wood in Missouri will be a challenge though. Lou, I can’t believe that your little Transit Connect can tow that much weight. I might have to rethink getting one of those

  10. I am building a dory and I am almost finished, I have been concerned about the rudder on the transom. I like your idea about using an oar instead of a traditional rudder. I don’t think I wait four months for you get to this idea in your videos, as I would like to have my boat in the water in two months. Could you email me some information on how this works. I promise that I will still watch your videos.

  11. Thanks Lou,
    I’ll admit that I am novice when it comes to taking a log to the mill and extracting the correctly cut planks for a particular purpose. Will these planks be immediately usable or do they need curing/drying time before machining? How do you determine when the planks become usable?

  12. Like the way Lew was doing the drafting of the lines of the dory the old way, by “pushing lead”, not using a computer and a CAD program. This fits in with the way he builds boats, using the traditional methods (well his way).

  13. Lou, been waiting with baited breath for your new project, and am sharing with a couple of buddies who are into boats/ woodwork. You have a gift! Thanks for sharing with us all!!

  14. Where can I get cedar planking for a catspaw dinghy I plan to build. What is the name and location of the sawmill featured in episode one?

  15. Thoroughly enjoyed watching that cedar be sawed. Great that you have the relationship with the mill and could be there. I built a cedar strip boat last year, a wider canoe with a 20″ transom for a motor.

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