Video: Tips from Louis on Calking with Cotton


There’s just one more week until Louis Sauzedde’s next boatbuilding series begins, entitled Building the TotalBoat Dory. (launching here on August 25th) But Lou is not sitting idle in the meantime – he has been busy working on a Herreshoff 14 in his shop, when he’s not pouring over Dory designs, that is. The classic wooden Herreshoff keelboat is in need of cotton caulking along the new plank Lou installed. Inside the boat is another job in need of Lou’s attention. The frames have suffered from checks and cracks (and Lou knows exactly why this happened) and of course he also knows how to fix the frames.  Check out our video of the week to learn some new “tips” from our crafty and clever shipwright, Louis Sauzedde.

This time next week, you will be easing into Episode 1 of Lou’s second season with the TotalBoat series. We are thrilled to be able to answer the calls for “more Lou” and we are sure you’ll love this next project where he incorporates all the things he loves about a good boat – something to row & sail – into another “How-To” video series. Please join us next Friday for Episode 1!  Thanks!


9 responses to “Video: Tips from Louis on Calking with Cotton

  1. Just can’t wait it’s my favourite show. Just how do we buy one of his new T’s to show our appreciation for his great advise ?

    1. Love watching Lou building new boats, repairing old boats and putting
      the finishes on.

      Looking forward to the start of building the Dory on the 25th.

      Great show.
      Thanks to all involved.
      PS, Please tell us how to purchase the shirts.

  2. Absolutely incredible! You are such a huge inspiration Lou! I am looking very forward to your upcoming video series.

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