Louis Sauzedde: An Introduction to Dory Designs and the TotalBoat Sport Dory

Lou is back to work in his Open Door Boatshop and gearing up for another season of Tips from a Shipwright. We will be building and filming our next series, the design and construction of the TotalBoat Sport Dory. The first of 36 weekly episodes will debut this August. In the meantime, enjoy this introduction to Dory design and concepts with shipwright Louis Sauzedde as he takes a look at the many different features in anticipation of drawing and building his own TotalBoat Sport Dory.

8 responses to “Louis Sauzedde: An Introduction to Dory Designs and the TotalBoat Sport Dory

  1. I’m really looking forward to this project! I built a banks dory some years ago. I looked at a lot of drawings from John Gardner’s “The Dory Book”. I ended up with a variation of a Lowell-Coast Guard 15’ fisherman’s dory. It will be great to see Lou’s approach to this classic boat.

  2. Lou, Ive watched it twice, and still have a question:
    I get the parallel line to the low point of the shear line;
    I get that you ate looking for a simple radius to describe the top-lost planks and separate them from those in dead rise;
    I get that you probably set the initial spread of your dividers through experience and then make (relatively small) adjustments.
    On a couple of the dories, there was no radius to be found from the line parallel to the shear.
    Given the small scale of the drawings, how do you accurately determine the offset from the parallel line for later transfer to an actual boat? And are there different handling characteristics for boats that have the center of their radius above, below or on the parallel line?
    This only describes the curve at the low point of the shear Correct?

    If all this will become clear in the next episode, I apologize.
    I’m also absolutely fascinated by the reasons you give for different design options. Wonderful Stuff.

  3. Lou,
    Delighted you’re back and starting a new boat. After watching you build the skiff, I thought I’d try my hand and build a small dinghy. Will follow along as you build your new boat. I learn something new in all of you segments.

  4. After a few years of YouTube watching I only found your video today and on a wet weekend in the UK I have watched all the Total Boat shows as I have found them absolutely fascinating and for the first time have begun to understand lofting and tables of offsets thanks to Lou apart from his shipright skills. Can’t wait for the next project to give me confidence to build a small boat in my retirement. Thanks.

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