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Happy Friday!

We thought we would take a break from the Vela video series to remind you of all of the video work we do to offer you great boating tips and techniques with our weekly video offerings. Whether it’s the Tips From A shipwright Series with Louis Sauzedde, the Vela Restoration series going on currently or the hundreds of other videos we make available to you on our 2 YouTube channels (JD and TotalBoat on YouTube), we work hard to provide relevant, educational and entertaining videos every week. As we already announced, we will be sponsoring another video series with Louis Sauzedde and the Tips from A shipwright film crew. We are excited to read everyone’s feedback on the Skiff series and know the upcoming Dory series will also be a giant hit for you, our customers and Lou’s fans. Sharing these videos with your friends helps us extend our reach and makes it a viable project, so don’t forget that you are part of the process and SHARING these weekly videos really help us decide what works and what doesn’t.

So take time to reacquaint yourself with our YouTube channels and our myriad of helpful videos. Then please spread the word and share the videos you really enjoy with your social media outlets. Comment and tell us what you think and help us continuously improve our offerings.

Don’t forget, too, that before the TotalBoat Work Skiff was a whole collection of great videos from Lou and the Tips crew. Lou has been a TotalBoat video presence for years and we continue to love what he does and how he does it! We know you do, too – so we thank you for helping us promote TotalBoat with these videos and with your great feedback and insight.




7 responses to “Videos for Boaters

  1. I am currently building a small day sailer and watching Lou Sauzedde videos has helped me beyond measure! His ability to convey information and entertain at the same time is truly a unique gift.
    L look forward to many more chapters.

  2. Lou is without a doubt a wonderful skilled and interesting guy.
    Thanks Lou for a really great series – looking forward to more.

  3. As a retired teacher of 40 years I think Lou would have made a great teacher. His presentations are so well explained and I really think he could hold students’ attention with ease. He’s a natural.

  4. I have wanted to build a 20′ lumberyard skiff for a couple of years now. After faithfully watching Lou with the TotalBoat Work Skiff series I have begun construction on my project. I am 66 years old, arthritic, and legally blind but I have never enjoyed building something so much….. Lou has been such an inspiration and I hope others with disabilities will follow as well……

  5. I am roughly half way through building Lou’s Workskiff. Neither I nor my friends & family quite believe how well it’s going.
    Thanks Lou – You’re an inspiration.

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