A Father’s Day Gift From TotalBoat and LOU


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Especially to those of you who love boating and who love boat building. And as a special treat we are happy to announce the next series we will be sponsoring with Louis Sauzedde and the Tips from a Shipwright crew. If you missed the TotalBoat Skiff series – take the day to watch them all in order and get yourself ready for the next great thing from Lou and Halsey Fulton, videographer. 

We can’t wait to share this new series with you later this summer or early fall. They are getting the build started now and will be busy making videos all summer. Until then, enjoy the Vela Restoration Series on our channel. It’s not meant to be just like Lou – because that would make Lou less awesome. It’s a different thing entirely – not a HOW TO, as Lou does, but an overview of a massive restoration we thought you might like to see parts of. So please stop comparing! And try to enjoy the Vela series for what it is – free boat-centric entertainment from us to you.

7 responses to “A Father’s Day Gift From TotalBoat and LOU

  1. Lou, Can’t wait for the next series. Love the show and enjoy the knowledge that you impart. Am glad the skiff will be in Georgia – at least that’s where I understand it will be providing boating pleasures to the new owner.
    Dave Sapp, Shellman’s Bluff, Georgia

  2. Hey Lou,
    Any chance you need a helper / apprentice?
    I just finished restoring an old lapstrake dory and started watching your work skiff series about halfway through – learned a ton from your videos during the process, and I know I would learn so much more working in your shop.

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