Video: Lou’s Tips for Painting Your Boat’s Bottom

It’s that time of year for those of us who are not lucky enough to use our boats year round. As you get ready to launch your boat and wonder what to do about that little bit of gelcoat showing on the bottom, or which order to paint all the appendages – then here is a useful video for you direct from the master himself, Louis Sauzedde.  Lou’s video offers some basic tips for the best way to prepare and paint the bottom of your boat. As we have come to know, Lou is always full of some special tips to make the job easier, and when it comes to painting the boat’s bottom, most want all the help they can get to make it a simple and fast job.

Lou applies the manufacturer’s recommended two coats of paint, after a light scuffing and inspection of the prepped bottom. There is an order in which it is best to paint your bottom, so watch and learn from Lou. Then head over to the bottom paints for sale on TotalBoat.com and see which paint will fit your needs. If you have questions, you can always call our Tech Help Hotline – where our staff is ready to help you pick your paint and get everything you need to get the job done and get the boat afloat!

So get out there, get your respirator and your gloves and get painting!


9 responses to “Video: Lou’s Tips for Painting Your Boat’s Bottom

  1. No Tarp?! Clearly spilled paint on the grass. First thing to do is cover the ground and also yourself. Should have a paint suit and respirator on .

    1. This is Lou we’re talking about! No respirator – but we urge you to use one, to use a paint suit and gloves and sure, if you don’t like a little paint on your grass or driveway – throw down a tarp, too. Thanks for chiming in!

    1. You need to very carefully and one-by-one move the stands to access the bottom underneath them. Don’t move them far and be sure to keep the chains on them so they don’t move on their own. shouldn’t take much to move them ever so slightly to reach that area that was not accessible. Good luck! Safety first!

  2. I’ll chime in… Thanks Lou for taking the time to pass along your knowledge. Joe, where’s your video so we can peck holes in it?

  3. The nail-in-the can idea is a great one. I like to also use a method I learned from Practical Sailor: place the paint tray inside a 13 gallon trash bag, and then use some masking tape to loosely bind up the excess bag, so that you have a trash-bag-liner in your paint tray. Paint your boat. When you’re done, undo the masking tape and evert the trash bag so that the excess-and-drying paint in the tray is now INSIDE the bag. Stick your paint roller in there too, and grab it from the outside to pull it off so that it falls into the trashbag too, while your hand (grabbing from outside the trashbag) stays clean. Throw in your foam or chip-brushes too. Tie up the trash bag and throw it away. No mess at all!

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