The TotalBoat Work Skiff: Final Thoughts from Lou

Now that the dust has settled and the skiff was almost sold – yes, almost – Lou wanted to reach out to his fans and cover a few items. Namely – you can still bid on the skiff until tomorrow (Saturday 5/6) at 6:55pm ET. The last sale was foiled by an issue with the auction and the skiff was immediately relisted. So the good news is that you can still bid on the skiff, or amuse yourself watching the bidding!  Lou, as he has become accustomed to doing in this series, is reaching out again to his fans to see if anyone can connect him with a new shop space. He needs some more room and a quiet spot so he can work on his next project and make more excellent videos for us all. 

Count on the next project to be another crowd pleaser with more interaction from the audience and the same, awesome wooden boat shop spirit and ambience that everyone has come to love. Comments in many of the videos indicate that you fans love the dusty shop and the rope belt and all the finely unpolished parts of Lou’s persona. And while we are not the producers of these fine Tips from a Shipwright videos, be sure that the massive video team over at Tips (that would be Lou and Halsey) is on the same page.

So here’s one more on the skiff – until it meets it’s new owner after the auction ends tomorrow. So hop over there and get in on the fun. You could be the next owner of this famous skiff. Just for fun, let’s hear some comments below on what you would name the skiff, should it become yours (theoretically, of course! use your imagination!).

And we’ll keep feeding you cool videos here every Friday until we pick back up again with Lou and the next great Tips From A Shipwright video series. Because that’s the plan – to feed your voracious video appetites with helpful videos that include tips for boat owners from the TotalBoat team and from the Tips team.

Thanks, as usual, for watching. Leave us your skiff boat name ideas below! And bookmark this playlist so you can keep watching the whole series over and over again.



30 responses to “The TotalBoat Work Skiff: Final Thoughts from Lou

  1. Lou -it’s always a pleasure.
    Thanks for a great project. I learned a lot.
    Good luck with your new shop!

    1. Did you check with Billy Casey in Newport. He has a big building next to IYRS. there is sime other space near there that I think is for sale. Email me at (below) and I will send you my real-estate agent list.

      I see you met my friend Tim Jaquis from Kansas City. Too bad I couldn’t get there.

  2. A MOST enjoyable series, Lou. I learned a lot and looked forward to each segment. I’ve built wooden sea kayaks and a nesting dinghy but you inspire me to perhaps try something more substantial. THANK YOU, and thanks to TotalBoat for making this happen. Can’t wait for the next project.

  3. Thanks for series one Lou. We’ve enjoyed watching it over here in Perth Western Australia

    Can’t wait to see the next series mate.


  4. Wonderful series, Lou. Although it’s a workboat, after watching you enjoying its inaugural run, I couldn’t help thinking a good name would be Total Fun.

  5. This Is always the first e-mail I read . My late friend built runabouts and on occasion I was his helper. I learned so much from watching the videos. I am a retired and enjoy woodworking. Maybe I will build a strip kayak. Can’t wait until your next build, and hope you find a new space. All the best.

  6. I admire your work and your show. I have always had wooden boats, but I am without one at the moment, so I guess I live vicariously through your great videos. Let me guess what the next project is: A dory?

    Best Regards,


  7. we really enjoyed this project—how could anyone not be entertained? A suggestion here—for over 30yrs I have provided the work-skiff for our marina in West Seattle. All my skiffs have had substantial Tow Bits. Not having a Tow Bit is like owning a truck without a trailer hitch!? The tow bit also provides something to hang onto while at the tiller of the outboard. My lady and I are looking forward to your next project and your new shop—Mikey

  8. I’ve enjoyed the series very much. We’ve acquired a well loved Simmons Sea Skiff to work with the granddaughters on a restoration. They are looking forward to using it on the lower Chesapeake Bay.
    We would all like to see any out takes that might be in the editors junk bin.

  9. Loved the series, can’t wait for next one. Learn something new each watching. Not wanting to be gauche, but did anyone figure out the cost of materials? I know we build them for the love of such work, as I do on my boats, just asking?

  10. Lou,
    Really enjoyed this series. It helped me develop a work pace of slow and accurate work after a lifetime of working to deadlines.
    Looking forward to the next project!

  11. Enjoyed the series very much Lou…couldn’t wait for Friday to see next episode…have been messing with boats for 40 yrs…and yes I use products from Total Boat…looking forward to the next series.

  12. Great series Lou! I enjoyed every episode and learned something from you in each one. The boat is listed at a good price, so I hope you are successful with the next build as well. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to build next!

  13. Lou,
    Love the series, craftsman in this country are dying and leaving no one behind. You are a true craftsman and it’s a joy to watch you work… Thanks!

  14. Great show. Get a tv series going, better than what is out there now, by far. Good and educational for everyone. Thanks for your time.

  15. Dear Lou,

    Outstanding build and very informational into the fine art of boat building.

    I thought a few fold down seats would be usefull when the boat was used for fun.

  16. Congratulations, Lou, on a masterful job, both on the building of the skiff and the detailed explanations of how you did things.
    If I get the time, I will mail you pictures of the teak work I’ve done on my Blackwatch 30. Sadly, it does not come close to the quality of your work.
    Thanks for lessons learned.
    Jerry Morris
    Marshfield, MA

  17. I have to thank Total Boat for bringing us a highly skilled builder and teacher. I want to build a shed in the back yard for Lou’s next project. Can you get your tools to the west coast of Florida?
    Keep it up,

  18. I enjoyed every episode. And I’m sure Lou won’t be offended if I say I had to smile as the fisherman’s quahog skiff gradually became a $20,000 quahog yacht. It’s a beautiful boat!

  19. Lou, you are a master teacher Thank you for passing on your knowledge, experience and expertise. Another generation of wooden boat builders are the beneficiaries, as well as us old guys!

    Please keep doing this!

  20. Dear Lou,

    I hope that a huge bunch of teenagers put down their video game controllers and watch your videos and get inspired not only to look into
    a shipwrights art, but all kinds of hand crafts, from furniture building to ship building, metal fabrication, welding, marine & aircraft engine maintenance and so on….
    There are so many POSITIVES of working with your hands and creating something from nothing….Keep inspiring all of us Lou and many healthful years ahead for you too.


    Howard A
    Dana Point, CA

  21. Love all your videos and thank you for sharing your experience in a real and useable manner. A couple of questions on the work skiff build.

    1. The bow exterior lifting strikes, were they 1.5 inches thick and 3 inches wide or what dimensions?

    2. There were 3, 2 x 4 longtidudinal strakes on the boat bottom. Then there were some keels added at the stern on to each strake. What was the width, thickness and length of each keel attached to strake. Was this keel only attached to the center strake or all three strakes?

    Thank you

    1. Would Lou be interested the the Lower Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in or near Deal Island,Chrisfield,Md.
      Lots of wood boats and it’s warmer here.

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