Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Launch Day!

The day has arrived to put the last touches of bottom paint on the rails, to apply some of the TotalBoat Teak Oil to the otherwise naked interior wood, to attach a motor for a test run and then TO LAUNCH! The TotalBoat Work Skiff is complete and Lou couldn’t be more excited to share it’s first ride with you, his loyal viewers. And if you missed Lou and the skiff at the JD Tent Sale Saturday, we apologize. He had many many guests and excited fans lining up to see him and the skiff.  But you can watch or even bid on the skiff on the EBAY listing. It won’t go for cheap, we venture to guess – but it will be worth every penny to a lucky bidder… Get in on the Ebay action here

Lou’s enthusiasm for the finished skiff is palpable even as he rips around his local cove with a temporary outboard attached to the back. The skiff appears to ride and behave as well as it looks. The new owner of the skiff will have the option of adding their own propulsion, determining how it will be used – as pleasure craft or as a work boat… There is a wide range of options and JD is happy to help the new owner with a brand new Mercury Outboard once decided.

We have really enjoyed this series with Lou and Tips from a Shipwright. And as Lou pronounced, it has been the overwhelming elation and joy from you – the viewers – who have pushed the excitement to the next level.  Work skiffs are a common sight in Narragansett Bay where Lou lives and works and where TotalBoat HQ is located. However, this skiff is sure to turn heads and start conversation wherever it may go, and it is our hope that many of you have been inspired to dream up and build your own boat building project.

Thanks for watching – keep your comments, shares and likes coming and from Lou and all of us at TotalBoat – we thank you for your keen interest and outspoken love for Lou and the TotalBoat Work Skiff.

Binge watch the whole series and share share share! Thank you!

There is more greatness to come with Lou and the Tips team – rest assured!

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  1. Brilliant. Thank Yu so much for sponsoring this series, and Lou, thank you for tirelessly sharing your vast knowledge.

  2. Brilliant. Thank you so much for sponsoring this series, and Lou, thank you for tirelessly sharing your vast knowledge.

    1. I have really enjoyed the entire series. What a joy to watch Lou work and here him describe his process. Just a joy to watch and learn.

      One question: When you plugged the screw holes on the top rail I was surprised that you only used dreaded shellac to “glue” the plugs. What was the thinking behind that decision.

  3. Looks FANTASTIC!

    I wish I could handle keeping & using a boat; no room to store it, trailer, something to pull it, etc. etc. etc. $$$ age… etc.

    Sure gives me something to dream about, though…

    I’d just LOVE to be out on the water like that… doing a little fishing too… YES!

    I wish everyone that CAN, to DO IT!

    Have fun!

    Thank you for building it, teaching all the way, supporting it with Q&A, and the videos! First Class!

    It was nice seeing you having it on the WATER!!

    Just AWESOME!

    Y’all have a GOOD ONE!

  4. Holy Smoke!!! I am positively drooling over this video. I believe you could sell tickets like crazy for a ride with you in this skiff. A fantastic video series and a fantastic boat. See you tomorrow at the tent sale.

  5. Lou that is just fantastic.
    Love the music too, I think it was a good choice playing that with the boat skimming over the water. Wow what a great job you have done !
    This series has given me a lot of knowledge and joy, I am looking forward to the next project.

    1. Good question. I to looked for a HR or so but couldn’t find it. And I spend a lot of time looking on e-bay. Would be real nice to follow the sale. Victor

    2. search ebay for item 201900564523 or the title “Classic 16′ wooden work skiff built by Louis Sauzedde on Tips from a Shipwright”

  6. Oh My God Lou!!!
    I am so Happy for you.
    Seeing you skimming along in this work of art just makes me smile.
    You can really tell when someone is truly happy about something and you my friend have Truly Happy written all over you.
    I had a blast watching all the videos and can’t wait for the next project.
    I wish I could be there tomorrow but I just can’t make it work.
    I’m sure this question will come up many times but I have know how fast she goes? I have an 18′ plywood skiff with a 40hp on it and she goes 32 knots so I’m thinking you must be getting close to 45 or better.

    Thanks again for everything Lou.
    You are special kinda guy and the world needs more people like you in it.

    Take Care my Friend


  7. Excellent series outstanding teacher. I do hope you will do another. Boat is beautiful in the water. Thank you.

  8. Outstanding! Speechless!

    Question, can plans be made for those who likely will not be the high bidder on the e-Bay auction?

  9. Well I found it on e-bay. I was working to hard for it. IT IS LISTED UNDER SKIFF. at the present time it is $7,300.00 there is 6 days of bidding to go. (boat only no motor. )

  10. This has been a fantastic experience- watching you build a boat on you tube, and then to finally see it skip along, you at the helm obviously loving every second of it. Yes. Sometimes life just seems to be just about right. Thanks,

    I’m coming down to Bristol to meet you to see this thing you built-stunning!. I can’t wait to get going on a skiff next winter.

  11. Congratulations to Lou and TotalBoat. I think the series has been a learning experience for all, even Lou. The next build should be a blast. Well done.

  12. love the project lou: so nice that you built the right boat with the right details. Can’t wait for the next project. Would love to see a classic fishing bank dory out of white pine or maybe a pete culler work skiff, like his sampan. will watch whatever you decide on, though. great project and thanks for the great viewing.

  13. Lou, watching you run that skiff brought a tear to my eye. When you started to describe the sound of the water against the hull memories of my youth spent on Greenwich bay, and all of us kids in our skiffs, flooded to mind. This series has been a high point for me all winter. JD has always been my go to source for hardware and they just keep gettig better. You have a gift to comunicate with novice and pro alike. They way
    you describe the smallest detail is what really teaches us all. How and why, info too many instructors leave out. I think you need an apprentice. You have so much knowledge and skill to pass on. I’m too old or I’d be there begging to learn. I’m looking forward to your next series. Until then, god speed in all your efforts, Dave

  14. Congratulations, Lou! Excellent series.

    You have succeeded in doing something I’ve been trying to do for years—-you have inspired my wife to learn to do woodwork and build shop skills. She absolutely loves your style of presentation—very knowledgeable, but not showy and overly technical. You are the perfect example of the type of “good folks” I’ve been telling her exist in the craftsman world, but that she has yet to find on her own.

    You never know who you will touch. All I can say is a great big “Thanks!!!”

    Keep the videos coming—–we have started spending an hour or so on Sunday afternoon watching all the videos you’ve done….. Excellent resource and outreach!!

  15. Thank you Lou for taking us on this journey,looking forward to your next build! And thank you to Jamestown Dist.for the support.

  16. I’ve been repairing a 57 Thompson Sea Coaster for over 3 years now, young kids, under a tarp, shop in 1 1/2 car garage. You know… Watching your series has been an inspiration. Thank you.

  17. What a privilege to have been a part of this audience. Your craftsmanship and your joy of building is a true inspiration! Who doesn’t want to build a boat after this??

  18. Beautiful boat! Talent like your’s is rare. Congrats on a great build. I’ve been custom fabricating boat canvas and upholstery for 40 years and still enjoy it and what you do.

  19. Lou,
    watch you build this skiff brought back a lot of memories of building a boat with my father many years ago. you did a great job on this skiff and it looks great. thanks for the total boat videos.

  20. What hardware was used to attach the knee in front of the outboard motor, both to the transom and to the bottom?
    How were the vertical braces attached to the transom?
    I enjoyed the video about drilling the holes to secure the corner knees to the transom. What hardware was used?
    Why was shellac used to secure the plugs that cover the screws? Why not glue or epoxy?

  21. Thank you Lou for these videos. I am a boater and although I do not plan on building a boat, I do some wood projects. I learned a lot about hardwoods, planning, measuring, etc. from a real expert.
    Thanks again and i’m looking foward to more.

  22. I didn’t think there was anyone who appreciated the things I enjoyed, but thanks to Lou and this Total Boat video, I realize there are others out there who appreciate a good ride on the water.

  23. Congrats on the launch, and thank you for sharing the entire process. Very cool and much appreciated! I’ve learned quite a bit from watching these videos.

  24. Great finale!! I keep thinking about the Video 1 where Lou is describing what will be what of the log laying on the ground.

    Congratulations Halsey for a fantastic video production!! I can’t wait to see future work.

  25. Lou and the guys and gals at Total Boat, what a great service you folks have done for our lovely industry! The project and process has been out standing and inspiring for a great many folks. Whish I was up there closer to the folks who admire boat made from wood. We down here in lower Hudson River region are a vanishing breed of wooden boat ownership and are so blessed to know you folks appreciate the old skills and love of wooden boats.

  26. What a fun ride in a great boat! Compliments also to the drone pilot; nice flying. The teak oil in a spray bottle was another time saving technique. So much better than brush alone.

  27. Lou,

    Congrats on a successful sea trials. I love the boat.
    You are a true craftsman. I look forward to your next project.

  28. I’ve enjoyed each and every one of your videos and felt like I learned at least one new trick with each installment.
    You just can’t stop now because you have too many fans.
    So here’s the plan. You move to NC and we’ll do the next build in my shop. All the barbecue you can eat and cost plus!
    Seriously, thanks a million to Total Boat and you.

  29. Sorry to see this series end. Truly enjoyable and ​inspirational. Lou is a craftsman, an artist and a mensch.

  30. Very Good series I always looked forward to the next video. It has inspired me to get back to working on my 56 Chris Craft, and to use Total Boat products.
    Thanks again for doing this will be looking forward to the next thing that you will do. Bob Way

  31. I always looked forward to the next video. Great series, It has inspired me to get back to working on my 56 Chris Craft, and to use Total Boat products.
    Thanks again for doing this will be looking forward to the next thing that you will do. Bob Way

  32. Absolutely loved this series of videos! I’m sad that it’s over and I can’t wait for the next series to start.

  33. Lou,
    The Skiff is truly a work of art. I have enjoyed the build more than I can say so I’ll just say Thank You for the many hours I’ve had watching you build this beautiful vessel. Just one question, how do you handle the stern lines? The setup for the spring lines is brilliant but I saw no cleats or such for the stern lines?
    Looking forward to the next build!

  34. Bravo, Lou’s skills are just as important as any Attorney or Doctor in this world. Thank you for sharing what you know.

  35. I so wanted to go to the tent show but work kept me from it. I have built several boats using Jamestown Distributors for paint, brushes, fasteners “bronze screws & copper rivets” , varnish and epoxy in fact everything but the wood. Your skiff project was so good. Watching how other builders work is the best way to expand your knowledge and refine your technique. The skills need to be shared for their are always several alternative techniques that accomplish the same procedure. Tips from a shipwrights are worth their weight in gold. Thank so much for sharing. John Drum

  36. Awesome video again. Thanks so much for a great video series. Loved every minute of each segment. Lou, I am sure that you enjoyed that ride just like a similar ride when you were a youngster, going on plane standing up is such a thrill, no matter the age. Congratulations to the team that made this series possible.

    1. They are starting the build and video making ASAP and EPISODE 1 will be released mid summer. Updates to follow as available!

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