Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Drilling & Transom Knees

It’s not over yet! Lou has to attach the knee to keep the transom boards from warping or twisting – especially with the weight of the outboard engine that will hang off the back.  Lou masterfully cuts another beautiful slab into a refined looking knee and drills holes for bolting in the already installed quarter knees. With more tips to share and an affinity for special little jigs, Lou exhibits exactly what everyone has come to love about him in this one episode: his unique techniques and tools and his ability to nail his measurements and holes every time. And usually Lou works in a “tool” like a piano hinge or some foreign [straight] object not meant for the job – but certainly up to the task.  Just like Lou who was quite up for the task of building the ultimate work skiff. That is – if the new owner dare to perfrom any “work” on this showpiece.

28 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Drilling & Transom Knees

  1. I really enjoyed the whole boat build series.
    It is presented in such a way so all can underhstand and enjoy.
    Thank you Lou

  2. Lou! This is a keeper! I hope your reserve is high enough if you do part with her…

    As with many viewers, always looking for the next episode!

  3. Lou; not only are you a top notch craftsman, but you are a great teacher. Thank you for your clear explanations for each step in this building process.

  4. Lou,
    It’s been great watching you build this skiff.
    You are a real craftsman boat builder.

    Can’t wait wait for the launching and the E bay auction.
    Rhode Island is to far for me me to travel from South Florida. But sure love to come and meet you.


  5. As a 89 year old small boat restorer, I thought I was pretty smart, but you & your videos have taught me whole new way of doing things.

    I spend a lot of time just watching you work, over & over again & learn something new every time.

    Thank you, for your videos & enthusiasm for working on boats.


  6. It would be a real shame to see someone use this for a WORK BOAT…this is not a plastic boat. Nor is it a plywood boat. This is a hand crafted wood plank boat. It’s a real boat. Great job Lou!! I have built a few small boats (made from wood) but not planks. There is a huge difference.

  7. Jim,

    You’re a natural teacher. I’ve enjoyed this series a great deal and look for to the next. Congrats on a beautiful skiff!
    One question, will you cover how you finish the interior?
    I ask because I have a small boat built in the late 1920’s that I’m currently refinishing. The thought of varnishing the interior after stripping it all make my stomach turn.
    I recall you saying you might use an oil finish, which sounded appealing to me. This oat will not sit in water, will live on a trailer when not in use. The plan is to use epoxy primer on the exterior, or perhaps Total Boats penetrating epoxy, then paint over that.


    Till the next series,


  8. Lou,
    Another great video. The transom looks great! Why not put the series together on a DVD? I’d like to go back to #1 and go through the build again and again. Great fun with your instruction and comments.

  9. Lou, great stuff! I noticed you had some small bubbles in the varnish in some of the pictures when the light was just right. I’m having a helleva time with bubble problems. Got any tips?

  10. Lou,
    This whole project has been amazingly educational on all levels also entertaining. Just a enjoyment to watch and learn, thanks so much !!!

  11. thanks Lou fanatic enjoyed all the episodes please build something
    Ps I love Total Boat Products!
    Thanks again If I were Financially able I would love to meet you at the tent sale this month.

  12. It is looking good. I am looking to see her next week. I am looking to see who is get this, She has done as you, in this build to have skiff to look good, and to have a great place to call home.
    A damn great job with this one.

  13. I have totally enjoyed each episode. Always great to learn new and different ways of boat building. The skiff looks great. I am bringing my restored Glamour Girl up from Maryland for the Tent Sale. Can’t wait to meet you!

  14. Lou, I’m loving this series. I check my email each day in hope of seeing another episode in which we can all see the mastery of your craft. You are definitely the guy I would love to have a beer with.

  15. Terry,
    Thanks for the offer, but my wife is coming, plan to meet with her relatives in RI. Hope to see you there and get to chat.

  16. Awhile ago friends and I built a Wharram catamaran– a lot of epoxy filling a lot of gaps. Watching Lou building this boat has been almost as much fun as the Wharram was. Best of all, to understand and watch this kind of perfection coming into being reaffirms my faith that the world can be a better place. Thank you very much. Please, is there another project in mind?

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