Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Applying Lust Varnish

The Open Door Boatshop has been busy this last week. After successfully applying the new Wet Edge Cold Cure Topside paint in Lou’s drafty and mostly unheated shop, he has decided to varnish the covering boards and the rub rail. It’s an instant upgrade to this working boat and will really show off the grain of the special pieces of wood Lou applied to the skiff. Using Lust varnish, Lou thins the first coat to penetrate the wood, providing a sealer coat and to expose any imperfections in the wood. This upgrade to the skiff will really dress it up nicely and it will surely turn heads in any harbor – whether it’s hauling quahogs or taking a civilized sunset cruise.

WE are drawing close to the end of the build and invite you to come to our Jamestown Distributors Tent Sale on April 22. Lou and the skiff will be there, along with filmmaker Halsey Fulton. Come see the skiff and meet Lou! You won’t be disappointed – he is as much of a character off-screen – as he is on screen!

Get all the details about the Tent Sale here and come see us on April 22.  And binge watch all Lou’s skiff episodes with our Skiff Playlist! Enjoy!

23 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Applying Lust Varnish

    1. YES! AS with all varnishing – the existing substrate must be cured, clean, no oils, grease, etc, and sanded to at least 320.

  1. Congratulations, Lou. The boat looks fantastic.
    I have one question. When you bought the drill press from Ben Franklin, did you get a chance to talk to him about his projects – maybe the kite?
    Seriously, I love the whole series, and as I get ready to varnish today, I thank you for your advice on varnishing on this and other videos.

  2. The boat looks great Lou! It makes me happy too. I can’t help but think about episode 1 when you described how you were planning to use different parts of the tree. And those knees and breast hook!

  3. Ok, I goofed! Thumbs to big for my phone……
    What material/glue/sealer did you use to seal the wooden plugs in to the screw holes. It looked very thin; is it a sealer or a glue or both?

  4. The skiff keeps looking better and better-I look forward to Fridays. Do you plan to apply a finish to the inside? any thwarts or console or anything? Thanks Jeff

  5. As an accomplished woodworker I have learned some new tricks from Lou. Most important are patience and craftsmanship.

  6. Great Video! But why thin the Lust Varnish instead of using the Lust Varnish Sealer?? Thought that’s what it’s for.
    I used the Lust Varnish Sealer three coats on a large table top, sanded in between coats, followed by 5 coats of Lust Matte and it came out better than I expected. Happy Customers! Thanks Lou! Hope to see you on the 22nd… Rich

    1. Both work. The TotalBoat varnish sealer takes the guesswork out of thinning – making the whole process easier. So happy to hear you loved the LUST and got great results. That seems to be the consensus! Happy varnishing!

  7. Lou
    You have done it again!
    Every time I watch a new episode it just makes me smile when I see this skiff. She is truly a thing of beauty and it kills me that I can’t be there to touch it.
    It’s been a joy watching the boat come together and in a way I’m sad to see it almost done. Im looking forward to your next build and I hope it’s not to far away.

    Thanks Again Lou


  8. You mentioned 80 grit and 220 grit – are you working through the intermediate grits – 120, 180 and then 220? Or going straight from 80 to 220?

  9. I have really been enjoying these Lou. Can’t wait to see the finished product and speak with you at the Jamestown Tent Sale. Looking at a bunch of snow here in NH but Spring is here and the old 18ft plywood cabin cruiser will be coming out for her 72nd season so the tips I pick up from these videos are a great incentive to get going!

  10. Hi Lou, Just a tip, if you pour thinner with the can hole on the top it will not slobber like yours did.I like that you use sharp hand tools

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