Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Sourcing the Breast Hook


Lou Asked and A Fan Answered 

Lou Sauzedde’s Q&A video helped him to locate fan who had a perfect piece of tree to harvest and cut for the breast hook of the work skiff. Follow Lou into the woods of Eastern New York in episode 25 as he selects his timber and helps his new favorite fan mill it into the perfect piece for the skiff. As you can imagine, Lou was being fairly picky about finding his ideal piece of lumber, and as such, was waiting to locate a piece that would work just as he’d hoped.  He’s found it and it’s a fun journey to the woods to witness all of the thought that goes into sourcing perfectly curved timbers for the Work Skiff.

Shipwrights are known to be particular, and Lou is no different. However in the last months, or 25 episodes, he has found a new love – his extremely outspoken and appreciative audience. He’s reading your comments and listening to you – and he’s prepared to continue to engage you in answers that are steeped in the Old Man’s Method.  As the skiff comes together, stay in the conversation. Use our comments section below to speak and become part of the build.

Coming up soon, get a lesson in painting your hull when Lou cracks the TotalBoat Topside Primer, rolls on our Wet Edge Topside Paint and applies a wood treatment on the interior – yet to be decided… to oil? to stain? Stick around – there’s lots left to see.

17 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Sourcing the Breast Hook

  1. Lou!
    You look like your 38 hoppin around in the woods. I’ve been cuttin and burnin oak firewood for 40 years and always HATED knees, especially when using a maul and wedge. Not too fun with a hydraulic splitter either. But you have shown a beautiful side to these knees that I never considered. Can’t wait to see you put one on the skiff!

  2. Fantastic series LOU is a great communicator
    I do metal fabrication working in the marine industry for over 40 years
    Really enjoy watching a true craftman.

  3. Very well done. One comment: Dirt accumulation in the knee will dull any chain on a chain saw rather easily. Many years ago, I hit a stone in a knee, after that, I never cut a knee again. Good Job Guys. Stihl saws are the best..

  4. Awesome segment!! Who goes out and chops down their own lumber?? Lou, thats who:)!! Great stuff!! Can’t wait for the next episode! If this were on Netflix I could binge all day on it.

    Thanks Lou!!

  5. What an addictive video series!! Love the build. I like the lack of a helmet and chaps. Nice to see people working safely through technique rather than technology. Chaps have a time and place, but safety glasses, ear plugs, and knowing your limitations will keep you fully intact and working.

  6. Half the fun of working up oak and hickory firewood is finding the natural crooks and trying to split them perfectly. Just need a boat to put them in.

    “I would have liked to have seen a little safty equipment on the logger. Maybe a helment and a pair of chaps.”

    You’re free to do what you want. Let grown men with wood-cutting experience make their own decisions for themselves.

  7. Another great segment from Lou! Another episode and more knowledge gained. I thought it was great showing how people can still come together to help out each other on projects.

  8. I really enjoyed the tree cutting episode . Lou is really a brilliant person. I look so forward to each of his episodes. I have learned a lot from him.
    Lou has inspired me to build me 3rd boat .
    Bob Wallace

  9. Amazing small mill. I’ve never seen one like it. Really appreciate the detail on how to saw and the reasoning behind it.

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