Out Late, Out Back

Time to bed and attach the forward port rub rail.
Time to bed and attach the forward port rub rail. Joe is using a caulking gun attachment to his drill to apply the BoatLife Polysulfide bedding compound.

The beat goes on out back, behind TB HQ in the TotalBoat Workshop on Shop Night. After a few weeks off around the holidays, attendance was at an all time high for the first Boat Shop Night of 2017. Everyone seemed recharged and psyched to either advise on, help with or dive into projects. The shop is once again busting at the seams with boats – from “Vela” still under serious restoration, to the two blue Seacrafts sitting side by side with dead engines, to Lorelei’s 1957 Century Resorter and Ozzie’s Hobie hull, which is thankfully less “TotalFair Green” and now more “like the old gelcoat” white. ¬†

Grinders were spinning and dust was flying. (and grinders were being gobbled up, too – the meaty, mayo-y kind…) The beauty of Shop Night is that if you just want to come hang out and watch – you’re welcome to. However no one guarantees that you won’t be put to work, so you better look busy!

Here’s a little look around the shop at what we had¬†going on inside there last night. If you like boats, power tools, cold beers and fun with co-workers, check out the photos below. You can always try to stand and watch, but you’ll never stop learning at shop night.

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