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Lou Sauzedde is nearing the 25th episode of the series, Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff. So he thought it would be a good time to get to answering lots of the questions you have been posing in your comments here and on the YouTube videos. Have a look at this latest video where Lou gets into the nitty gritty of the “how” and “why” all of you are wondering about! ¬†With Lou’s clear and concise explanations, he could convince a dog to ditch the meat wagon and come plane boards on this skiff!

We are nearing the fun part Рpainting and powering the boat. Stick around for great episodes to come and check out this Q&A session where Lou really breaks it down. As you would expect.  Enjoy this candid video with Lou and get ready for the culmination of this skiff in the coming weeks of 2017! Happy New Year!



9 responses to “Q&A With Louis Sauzedde

  1. Hi Lou, love your videos, can you tell us what othe wood would be easy to bent as the ceder you use. Pls keep the videos coming, your a great teacher!!!!

  2. hi lou – not a boat builder but liking your videos – i do mostly 1-off furniture. wondering what kind of bandsaw is the big one?

  3. Hi Lou, I have access to some old white oak blocks that were used in a grain elevator. Considering scarfing them into long lengths for gunwales and chines on a 11ft skiff. Wonder if this is a good or bad idea?
    Thanks much, Barry

  4. Lou, can you tell us more about the block plane you are using in season 2. Low angle or regular, make, model and size?

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