Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff with ‘Tips from A Shipwright’

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Louis Sauzedde has been building wooden boats for longer than he can remember. So when he and filmmaker Halsey Fulton approached us to help them make a series on building the ultimate work skiff using TotalBoat adhesives, paints and primers, we knew we had a winning combination.  In this series, Lou and his apprentice go over the steps for building a work skiff that is sweet to look at, affordable and dependable for years to come whether you’re using the skiff for a family boat or as a hard working skiff, as it was intended.

With over 20 episodes planned, Lou teaches us his time-tested skiff building process step-by-step, and offers you tips and wisdom from his years of boat building expertise. He loves explaining details about how to find the best wood for each part, which tools to use and how to maintain them, and his famous “tips” on cool shortcuts and workarounds for getting the boat to be ship shape. At the end, it is our hope that you will be motivated and educated enough to build your own work skiff in your garage, shop or driveway.



8 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff with ‘Tips from A Shipwright’

  1. Dear Mr. Sauzedde,

    I have been watching your series on building a work skiff, and find them to be very good. Your detail explanation and craftsmanship is one of the things I like about your videos. There are no questions to be asked after you explain an operation.

    Thank you,

    Joe Palazzolo, Deputy Sheriff, Retired

  2. Lou, thank you so much for doing these videos on the skiff and thank you to Total Boat. My two youngest boys are 9 and 10 and they and I have watched every segment of the build. They are fascinated by you and how much you know and every night they climb into bed with the wife and I to watch a segment. We might just have two new boat builders here! Thanks again and job well done.

    Best Regards,

    Jeff Hammond

  3. Lou,
    Every month I go through the woodworking magazines looking for the latest jig, tool or whatever. After watching you build the skiff with just a few basic tools, I’m embarrassed!
    Thanks for a good lesson and a great series.

  4. I have watching from the beginning and I so wish I had a place down in Texas that could build that boat. I am a good craftsman but I’m not sure I have the tools needed and I know for a fact I don’t have the space.

  5. Found Your videos today and couldn’t stop watching the work boat progress! Ever hear of Super Wood or Paulownia? The last time I checked the university that tested it said it had The Highest strength to weight ratio of Any wood tested! It took Over twice as many BTUs to make it ignite as any other wood tested and it Would Not rot unless contaminated! And it absorbs Less epoxy and holds screws Well!
    How about a larger work boat project out of Paulownia?

  6. Dear Mr. Sauzedde,
    Your series of videos on building a wooden ship is fantastic. It is an educational school for all shipbuilders and others involved in shipbuilding. I really liked the design and concept of the boat. I especially like that the boat is able to successfully glide with the help of 3 sleighs on them. Can you tell me the dimensions of the boat that would be used for sport fishing. Can you tell if you used epoxy coating to protect the wood for the first coat and for the final coat, did you use the same epoxy paint? What kind of wood do you recommend for the construction of the ship and whether the hull can use waterproof plywood.
    Does the boat can glide and with a weaker engine, for example. from 20 – 30 hp.Thank you very much for your honest answer. Mate Gulinn

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