Getting On Board Waterlust’s Boat Building and Ocean Conservation “Odyssey”

CLC Waterlust

We have been big fans of Waterlust since we discovered their epic filmmaking with a purpose. This team of water lovers has been on a mission to “produce films and photography that capture the human experience with water as a platform to raise awareness about the environment,” and we have blogged about them on in an effort to bring their awesomeness your way.

So when they announced this most recent mission, to build a kit boat from scratch with Chesapeake Light Craft: Wooden Boat Kits then sail it 1000+ miles from Annapolis to Miami through the Intracoastal Waterway, we were all in.Their idea was to build a boat from scratch that had some unique requirements, like: easy transport, the ability to sail quickly when there is wind or pedal drive when there isn’t, food and camera storage, and the ability to sleep aboard. CLC jumped in, seeing it as an opportunity to think outside the box on a new boat design. And so did Jamestown Distributors.

They needed epoxy – so we sent our best selling Thixo 2:1 Epoxy tubes their way to help with mess-free, simple thickened epoxy applications. They wanted 2 cool colors to paint their sailing canoes, so we sent a few choices for blues and whites from our line of Wet Edge Topside Paint. 

Waterlust Wet Edge   Anna Mia

The Expedition Canoe, created by CLC’s boat design guru Dillon Majoros, is a sweet little design and they look so great with their fresh coats of custom modified Boston Whaler Blue and Sea Foam Green. (They added white to each of the colors of the Wet Edge paint) and now that they are out and on their way south, the team has reported that the 2 boats sail beautifully and that the Hobie Mirage Drive (pedals for windless days) also work very well. Watterlust boat plans

We are excited for another excellent video from Waterlust, first in their series about this Intercoastal Odyssey. It emcompases the boat building and painting at CLC which our JD/ TotalBoat President Mike Mills helped with, the rigging, the launching and a little peek at the boats in use. Lots more from the team is coming as they make their way south. Hard to imagine them crafting these amazing videos from the road – but we have faith and we can’t wait for Part 2. Enjoy this first episode!

3 responses to “Getting On Board Waterlust’s Boat Building and Ocean Conservation “Odyssey”

  1. Hi –

    I can’t really read the labels so would you please tell me the exact colors of the paint used on the hulls of the two boats, and whether they are stock colors or custom? Thanks!

  2. thanks Kristin – I just now noticed that’s already explained in the blog bit above; but either I somehow totally missed that on first read or you’ve since edited the blog to include the information. EIther way, stock ‘sea foam’ for Mia and Whaler Blue for Anna with some white, but how much white? Both look very nice. I ask because these colors come close to something called Robin Egg Blue, about which there are several anecdotal references around the web as to its being as highly visible on the water as the more common orange and yellows… As I am about to paint my own 18′ open water rowboat, I am particularly interested. One follow up tech question: I’ve already primed my boat with Interlux pre-kote; any issues with using Wet Edge paint on top? cheers, Peter

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