Richard Honan – Building an Adirondack Guide Boat


When the 2015 Wooden Boat Show rolled into downtown Mystic, CT in late June, Richard Honan and his newest boat building accomplishment were there, front and center. After winning the 2014 Best in Show in the “I Built It Myself” category with his sweet little sloop, Proud Mary 2, Honan went right back to work building his next great floating thing, An Adirondack Guide Boat.

This will be Honan’s 10th boat building accomplishment. He is building the boat to compete in the six mile Essex River Race ( From there, It’s off to Mystic Seaport and the Wooden Boat Show in June, where he will again show his boat in the “I Built It Myself” exhibit. Perhaps the best part of this story is not that this guy is a MAJOR fan of TotalBoat and JD, but that this particular boat for him is a labor of love with his grandkids. He involved them with the build, and named the boat after his 2 granddaughters, Anna & Emily.

Richard kept us and a long email list of friends and boat building buddies up to date with his build as he went, sending photos and construction updates. It was great to witness the progress as he put the boat together and to live through his changes and tweaks as he sorted out challenges he encountered. You can check out his various updates HERE as we blogged about them on TotalBoat Show, but this photo gallery below is a nice compilation of his amazing craftsmanship and his beautiful accomplishment.

The striking hull is WetEdge SeaFoam Green which looks awesome with the beautiful benches and wood showing throughout.  He used cream colored TotalBoat Tread Paint, a non-skid deck paint, as a finish on the interior of the hull.

From Richard Honan:This is boat building project number ten for me. I have always used products from Jamestown Distributors, fasteners, epoxy, primers, tools, varnish. They have always provided a good selection of products, technical help, good customer service over the phone and competitive pricing. What more does an amateur boat builder want?

I was actually drawn to the Total Boat products initially because the great selection of colors offered with the Total Boat “Wet Edge” topside finishes. Previously I had used a lot of the Interlux Brightside and Pettit Easypoxy products. My Adirondack Guide Boat hull will be painted Total Boat, Sea Foam, a pale green. The interior will be Total Boat Beige Total Tread, a non skid deck paint and the rub rails, deck and other brightwork will be finished with Total Boat satin Marine Wood Finish, a product similar to Sikkens Cetol.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. 

Richard Honan

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