Joel Hanneman – Total Restoration of a Steiger 25


Joel Hanneman found an engine in great shape that was ready for many more years of boating. But it was attached to a hull that needed lots of help. He purchased the Steiger25 “Escort” with a plan to gut and restore the whole interior, and in the end be the proud owner of a renowned, solid 25 foot powerboat with a dependable motor.

Joel works in boat building and fiberglass repair, so he understood the work that laid ahead of him and he wasted no time gutting the hull and getting right down to the bare bones of the boat. His project list was to:

Rip up the deck
Replace & strengthen transom
Tear out and replace stringers
Re Seat the Gas tank and surrounding area
Redo main bulkhead and cabin door
Redo steering and electronics set up
Redo console/ wheel area
Strip and barrier coat bottom
Apply bottom paint
Go boating! (ASAP!)

Check out the amazing transformation of Joel’s boat in the gallery below. Great job, Joel!

Joel Hanneman

Joel found this used Steiger Craft 25 in Ct.

She looks great, but....


At least it's easy to destroy!


stripped bare and ready to start rebuilding.

Carbon stringers for the gas tank compartment

Laying out pieces of foam for the new deck

repairing the cabin top

Vacuum bagging the cabin top repair

building out the new console and cabin companionway


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